Here you can find the answers to questions I am most frequently asked about my art.
If you don't see you specific question displayed, please contact me at: [email protected]; I'm always happy to respond.I do try to update this page as new questions arise, so make sure to check back regularly.

Q: What are your commission guidelines?

A: Typically, I do accept commission projects. Just drop me an e-mail with a short description of what you have in mind. I'm quick to respond, and will give you a general quote on time and cost if I am interested in the project. I have done commission work in the past, anything from buisness logos, portraits, tattoo designs (one of my favorites) etc. And most importantly, I am not opposed to taking several different approaches to a project to find exactly what you were looking for.
Let me give you a break down of what happens when someone commissions me, so you can decide if it's for you or not.

(#1) First, my patron e-mails me with a description of what they would like, along with any visual aid they may want to send which might help get their point across. A lot of people just send stick figure sketches or something like it to explain where they want everything positioned, color, etc.

(#2) Then I do a few concept sketches of the idea and e-mail them to my patron so they can tell me what they think, give me suggestions etc. I'll usually do a few character sketches, and then put it in the background described, to let them see how the painting or drawing is going to come together. I will do this until my patron is satisfied with how the sketches look and I get the go ahead to start the painting.

(#3) I usually require a down payment after I finish the sketches and before I start the painting, which is usually half of the quote I have given them. When I receive this, then I will start the painting.

(#4) I'll then e-mail my patron with the painting's progression, so they can make sure the color and everything else is turning out as they wish. When the painting is complete and my customer is satisfied, then I will ship their work after the last payment has been received.

Q: Do you sell original art or just prints?

A: You can find all of my prints for sale here on my personal website, and my ebay store. All of my originals are sold on Ebay, which you can find
here. Make sure to join my mailing list if you would like to keep up on all my original art. You can do so with the easy form found on the title page. Just enter your e-mail addy into the box and hit submit! That's it!

Q: What is an OSWOA?

A:This stands for Original Small Work Of Art. All oswoa measures 4" x 6". OSWOA regulations state that each auction must start at $9.99. Highly collectible, each oswoa fits nicely in a standard photo album.

Q: What is an ACEO?

A:This stands for Artist Cards Editions and Originals. Size is 2.5" x 3.5" which is the same measurement as a standard baseball card. These are extremely popular right now and display wonderfully in a standard card album.

Q: What is a limited edition hand embellished canvas print?

A:This is a print on the same canvas sheets that I use for my original paintings. I then go over the small details with acrylic paint, afterwards sealing it. Each print is then numbered on the back in accordance to size of the edition, 1/25 for example, which would mean it is the first print out of a run of 25 prints.

Q: How much is shipping and handling?

A: Buyer pays shipping, which is $4.95, priority mail. Insurance is optional and is an extra $1.70. I am also willing to ship 1st class mail for all packages up to 13 oz. Please contact me if you are interested in this option as the rate does vary with weight. This could save you a few dollars! OUTSIDE THE U.S., please CONTACT me for shipping and insurance rates. Paypal and money order ship the next day. Personal check will be held until cleared. Should you be interested in multiple purchases, I am always willing to combine shipping!

Q: What do you accept for payment?

A: I accept paypal, money order, personal check (will be held until cleared) or cleverly concealed cash (sent at your own risk). I will only accept paypal for purchases outside the United States.

Q: How do you go about framing your artwork?

A: All my artwork, be it print or original comes ready to be framed. There is no need to stretch and mount original acrylic work as it is painted up to the edge. It can be matted if desired, the choice is yours. All artwork is sprayed with an all purpose artist sealant, to prevent against fading or smudging. Putting artwork right up against a glass frame WILL NOT cause any damage if properly sealed.

Q:What's the lowdown on Copyright and usage?

A: Please be aware that although you are purchasing my original artwork, you are in no way purchasing the rights to the image. All rights are maintained exclusively by the artist. If you would like to use my artwork for anything other than display in your own home, you MUST get permission from me. I copyright all my artwork, and must enforce this rule. Aside from a small part-time job to get me through the occassional dry patch, this is how I make my living, so any unauthorized use of my artwork will result in bad things! Thanks!

Q: I'm a fellow artist trying to get started online. Is there any advice you can give me?

A: Of course, I was a newbie myself once, and I'm still learning the tricks of the trade everyday. If fellow online artists wouldn't have been so helpful to me, I wouldn't be on the road I am today. I'm very happy to respond to questions and to share what I've learned, so shoot me an e-mail if you have a questions or need some advice. It's just my way of paying it forward!

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